Toyota Australia

  • Project: Toyota Australia Brand Portal
  • Agency: T-Bone Productions (
  • Role: Lead Designer, UI Design, UX Design

Rebranding is no simple task for any business - particularly for one of Australia’s most iconic brands. TMCA is currently undergoing the transition to a new brand and visual identity. They required a bespoke digital solution that would facilitate the delivery of clear, consistent and superior quality marketing communications across every consumer touch point.

Toyota Website Toyota Website

Asset Page

With large image display, an asset page provides crucial information and guidelines for each of the 5000+ uploaded assets.

  1. Large Prominent Search:
    Hard-to-miss search box displayed on every page.
  2. Quick info about Asset:
    Displaying your chosen asset reveals its publication date, expiry date and gives users options to 'send to a friend' or add comments on the portal to discuss or ask questions directly to the items administrator.
  3. Multiple File Versions:
    If available for an asset, find easy links to download PDF's, videos or Adobe artwork files straight from the Asset Page.
  4. Collections user Must see:
    Mandatory Collections display with an asset when Legal Disclaimers or trademarks are linked.
  5. Related Assets:
    Helpful Assets that could provide more information to the users search are displayed.
Toyota Asset page

Admin Panel

This is an example of the admin view.

Toyota Admin Panel